About Us

Our Mission & Objectives


Sagacious Women of Business strive to come together to uplift, teach, mentor and be a role model to young women in the community and around the world.

Our purpose is to promote unity among the female community, promote entrepreneurship, and serve the community. 

Meet our President


Brianna Arceneaux is a Natural Health Coach + Nutritionist and the owner of B Infused Natural Detox Waters & More as well as The Trill Monday Night Wellness Market. She founded this organization in the Summer of 2019, just a few months after starting her first business.
She is a wife and mother of 3 young boys. She is a HCC Alumni with several certifications in the health field. She is extremely ambitious and currently participating in the SURE Program at the University of Houston. 

Meet our Vice President


 LaShaunda Joseph is the owner of Asha Natural Yoni Care a company established to help women care for their Yoni the natural way with 100% natural herbs.  She has been an active member of Sagacious Women of Business since July 2019 when it was founded. After 5 months of genuine dedication and support to this organization, our President nominated her as VP and she accepted the position in December 2019. She is the proud mother of a sophomore studying Theater at Dillard university in New Orleans, Louisiana.  LaShaunda is very passionate about helping people and feels it is her God given purpose on earth and plan to fulfill it. One of her personals goals for 2020 is to launch a NPO designed to helping families in the middle- a project she created in 2016 when she first discovered the need. She is committed to helping other women pursue their business goals. 

Meet our Assistant Event Coordinator


Ashley Luna B Barber is the Owner of Luna Bs Mini Retreat Pop-Up and she has been a member of Sagacious Women of Business for several months and placed active membership as of January 2020. 

Luna B sells delicious, seasonal, sweet treats and small bites (Vegan options are available). Starting this year she will be spotlighting; or "moonlighting" a particular business and/or artist. The goal of her pop up is to raise capital for the funding of a cafe, that doubles as a venue for Art, Wellness, and Education, Luna Bs Hide-a-way! This cafe will be a haven of peace, love and harmony. Somewhere we can heal and grow together. She has a very deep and passionate concern for the state of mankind; particularly the state of the black community. She has been married for 6 years and has a two year old boy named Zion. Another goal of Luna Bs is to start a cleaning and organizing business.

Meet our Secretary


Robyn Donatto is a 38-year-old retired teacher turned entrepreneur. Graduating from the University of Houston Main Campus in 2005  and educating our youth as a first grade teacher and reading specialist, she has transitioned out of education and in the world of business where she is currently the Director of Communications and Development for #HEELSOUT, Lead Instructor for the #HEELSOUT Pearland location and is the Brand Ambassador Coordinator.  New to the world of entrepreneurship and business, she has joined Sagacious Women of Business and has graciously decided to take on the role of Secretary. She looks forward to serving in her new capacity and is eager to play an active role in Sagacious Women of Business.

Active Board Members

Health Coach Tam-Tam


I'm Tamela Funchess, Certified Health Coach, juice magician, and owner of Revitalize Health and Wellness. We pride ourselves in providing quality wellness coaching and delicious, nutrient rich juices. Our goal is the help others feel more revitalized one bottle of juice at a time. I've been married to my wonderful husband for 14 years, I am the mother of a beautiful 6 year old daughter, and most importantly, I'm a woman of purpose. My undergraduate degree is in Hotel and Restaurant Mgmt and I hold a Master's in Business Administration. After being an educator for 14 years, I've stepped outside the classroom to educate in a different arena. My personal journey has driven my passion for natural healing and it's only the beginning. Ready, set, let's get Revitalized!

Adelina Sanchez


When channeled correctly, stories of overcoming obstacles become a normality, like it has for Adelina Sanchez. Understanding from a young age what it means to be a leader; After her sister, Jazmine, was born with life changing conditions. Adelina, stepped into a role, unknowing that one day she would be using this same drive and compassion she was developing for her sister throughout the years to fuel her future. Throughout years of numerous therapies that were required; Jazmine, particularly benefited most from the help of a “Curandera”. This Holistic healer happen to utilize a therapy throughout involving cannabis. Later in life, Adelina realized the improvement of her sister’s medical condition was largely due to the Cannabis topical that was used in the massages. This lead to intense research and ultimately the birth of Leafly Therapy. Active member as of January 2020. 

Jasmine Blue, M.S, M. A, LPC aka Kösmïc Khamïllïon


Owner of Enlightened Souls Eclectic Holistic Private Practice & Spa Klub which is a SelfCare Klub “We Make Selfcare a Priority!”

As a young girl growing up on the West side of Chicago Jasmine Blue always desired to know the reason behind EVERYTHING and the relationships between people and their environment Always intrigued her. After many emotional, mental & physical ups and downs in college she Finally completed a double masters, 3000 counseling hours, passed the state boards which allowed her to  officially be a fully licensed “Therapist” in 2010. Since then her Purposeful quest of figuring out how she can make the world a better place after counseling in numerous Psychiatric facilities & seeing thousands of families who were a part of the  of Department of Family & Children Services Burnout set in and her life long search to help others led her back to herself. After owning her own Private Practice For 6 years she decided to take 2 years off to discover and heal aspected of herself that was calling her to sit & listen to her soul for some time. Jasmine participated in several spiritual healing retreats & worked with a shaman for over a year. Jasmine discovered more about herself and her Purpose for being on the planet became more clearer and evident after those 2 years of Self Mastery. Jasmine Blue has evolved into her Self initiated Super Hero Kösmïc Khamïllïon and since then she challenges everyone to identify their super hero inside & allow their name to  flow to them accordingly. Kösmïc Khamïllïon now assist people on their journey to healing their inner child by a variety of All natural Holistic Methods & ancient techniques of energy Healing. From Meditation, Taichi to Nutrition & having the right mental emotional & spiritual Support system is a part of maintaining overall wellness.  So now during consultations and wellness sessions She address all aspects of our multidimensionality for the purpose of Evolving and Cultivating overall well-being of your Supernatural nature! 

Andi Watson


Andi Watson is the owner of Wellness Connections by Andi, and is a certified Laughter Yoga Leader.  She became a family nutritional solutions consultant for balanced living, healthy longevity & financial wellness in 2013. Her message to everyone is “Lighten Up & Laugh for the HEALTH of It!”